Your bizzy life: dvm360s top 10 business and management articles of 2018


What inspired and guided veterinary professionals in everything nonclinical in 2018? Lets count em down from No. 10

No. 10: The rabies hall of fame: Famous fictional lives (and deaths)

Sure, you've heard of Old Yeller, but how about Tea Cake? Take a stroll through U.S. literary history to learn more about these renowned rabies cases from books, movies and television-and don't forget that World Rabies Awareness Day is Sept. 28.


No. 9: Personal accounts: An associate veterinarian paying down $110k in debt

This vet muses about the steep cost of therapeutic diets for her four cats-and that's with the professional discount. (A part of our “Personal accounts” series)


No. 8: Be prepared: A look at what you didn't learn in vet school

What does this curious cat not know yet? From real-world clinical knowledge to soft skills, we investigated what you had to say about what may have slipped under the radar in all of those classes. (A part of our dvm360 Leadership Challenge: What you didn't learn in vet school)


No. 7: Bad online review got you down? 4 steps to right a cyber wrong

You can't control what a veterinary client says about you, your team members or your practice online, but you can manage the damage. Here's how, with a handy-dandy algorithm for you visually minded people. (A part of our dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Cyberbullying)


No. 6: Big pharmacy playas

Two companies stand out as the current competitors for veterinary practice online pharmacy partnerships: Vets First Choice and Vetsource. Here's the deets.


No. 5: 5 steps to get you out from under vet school debt

A little common sense (don't buy those boots right out of school)-and some support from your veterinary colleagues-will keep you from being crushed by the mountain. (A part of our dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Curb your debt)


No. 4: Pet insurance comparison chart

What should veterinary professionals and pet owners care about when considering pet insurance plans? Here's the latest information from some of the nation's top pet insurance providers.


No. 3: The otitis case that changed my business

When the owner of a Lhasa apso with chronic otitis refused to bring her dog in for a recheck, I turned the problem into a new policy at my veterinary hospital.


No. 2: 10 ways to tell clients cat vomit isn't normal

Occasional hairballs and vomit are a part of every cat owner's life at one time or another. But maybe your hospital can help cats with proper diet, lifestyle changes and diagnosis and treatment. And you can tell clients about it right now with these social media posts.

And the No. 1 hottest business or management article for 2018 is a virtual hug of an article …


No. 1: Buyer's remorse: Expect it three to five years after vet school

It hasn't been all puppies and happiness? Feeling like you made a mistake becoming a veterinarian? You're not alone-and you'll get over it.

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