Why don't you earn more? It could be your music


Your taste in tunes says a lot about you, study says.

You always smile extra wide for the most difficult clients. You put personality differences behind you for the good of the practice. You arrive on time and do your job well. But still you can't seem to pull in the paycheck you want. There may be a simple way to boost your wages: tune in to the right kind of music.

A recent study says people who listen to exciting, upbeat music are more likely to be in a higher earnings bracket than those who listen to mellow, relaxing tunes. Professor Adrian North of Scotland's Heriot-Watt University led the study, which asked 36,518 people from around the world about 104 different musical styles.

In addition to measuring who makes the most money, the study also looked at personality traits of people who listen to certain types of music. This could provide a creative,  entertaining team-building exercise for veterinary teams. Ask each team member which type of music they most prefer and compare whether their personality traits match the study's results. Here's a sampling of what researchers found:

• Jazz and classical music fans are creative with high self esteem.

• Country and western listeners are hardworking and shy.

 • Rap followers are outgoing.

• Heavy metal fans are gentle and creative.

• Soul music lovers are creative, outgoing, gentle, and self-confident.

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