While the pet's away, the kids can play


Make sure clients fur babies and human babies are both getting the best experience out of your veterinary clinic by installing a childrens play area.

You and your veterinary staff already have your hands full with animals in need of treatment and attention. Too bad your clients' kids aren't really going to care about that once they get bored in the reception area. Play areas are an easy fix, and take as much effort as you want to put into them. It's also a great way to show your veterinary clients that you're not just there to take care of their pet, but them (and their kids!) as well.

Keep reading for some examples to bring you inspiration for your next remodel or design project. Your clients-and veterinary team-will thank you!

Winslow Animal Hospital in Sicklerville, New Jersey, has a colorful kids' activity corner, complete with coloring books, puzzles and a life-like pooch to pet or practice veterinary medicine.

The children's play room in Frey Pet Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, offers children entertainment in the form of toys, games and a flat-screen TV. Parents can keep an eye on their children without being in the room thanks to a camera that feeds footage from the room into the reception area.

Located just outside of the cat play room, the kids' area at Flint River Animal Hospital and Bed ‘N Biscuit in Huntsville, Alabama, allows children to watch boarding and adoptable cats play while they themselves play.

Small size isn't a problem for Town Center Animal Clinic in Suwanee, Georgia, which has a small area for children that perfectly matches the unique style and color scheme of the clinic. With toys, puzzles and a “dog house” to claim as their own, pet owners can rest easy knowing that their children have entertainment while they wait for their pet. 

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