Where clients get their dogs says a lot about them


People who get their pooches from pet stores don't always think things through, experts say.

How much is that doggie in the window? If he's from a pet store, he could cost clients their intelligence and decision-making skills, experts day.

According to Stanley Coren, a psychologist and professor at the University of British Columbia, those who head to the pet store without doing any research and decide in a moment of searching that they want a puppy show impulsiveness and a lack of intelligence. This is not to mention showing a lack of awareness about the controversy surrounding many pet stores and their suppliers-which are often puppy mills.

On the other hand, those who purchase their dogs from breeders show a commitment to the breed, says Mary Burch, an American Kennel Club spokeswoman and animal behaviorist. “Responsible breeders have a great deal of knowledge about canine genetics,” she tells Forbes.com. Breeders know more about their dogs, Burch says, and have a better grasp on what sort of medical issues they might face.

Many clients are adopting pets from animal shelters. But did you know that movie stars might be influencing their decisions? “It's the new hot thing to adopt from a shelter,” says Andrea Arden, a dog trainer in New York City. “More and more celebrities are doing it.

Click here for a list of resources you should consult and questions you should ask clients before they adopt a pet.

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