When the client says, "Who cares what's in that food?"

July 28, 2016
Kyle Wendy Skultety, LVT, CVT

Find out how to respond when veterinary clients fondly recall "the good old days" when Old Bingo ate whatever they didn't toss out in the trash.

Getty ImagesWhen the client says: "Isn't all dog food the same? Dogs ate garbage for hundreds of years, so why do I have to get a special brand for Max? "

How would you respond? Check out the right (and wrong) way to handle this client's concerns.

Don't say: "Dog foods are totally all the same! It's just marketing. You can save money by getting the cheapest one out there."

Do say: "Pets today are enjoying better health because we've learned more about the nutrients they need. Garbage may have kept animals alive, but that doesn't mean they were in the greatest of health. All dog foods aren't the same. The better brands do food trials and incorporate high-quality ingredients to keep Max looking and feeling his best. Some dog foods don't provide a balanced diet, so it's important to read the labels and understand what you're getting. I can give you a handout on a simple way to read a pet food label and explain why the food the veterinarian recommended today is the best choice."

If your clinic sells food, this is your chance to educate the client about which food the veterinarian would recommend. This will increase food sales for your hospital, and you'll know that the patient is eating a high-quality diet.

Kyle Wendy Skultety, LVT, CVT, is technician supervisor at VCA Twin Rivers in East Windsor, New Jersey.