What you can do to help strays this season


Follow these winter safety tips for feral cats.

Feral cats' survival skills are as sharp as their claws-they have to be. But that doesn't mean they couldn't use a little assistance now and then, especially in colder temperatures. For team members and other concerned individuals wanting to help strays this season, Alley Cat Allies, a national advocate for feral cats, launched an online guide about how to lend a hand. Among other tips, the guide includes simple instructions for building inexpensive feeding stations and shelters for feral and stray cats.

“We know that millions of people already help to care for the cats in their communities each day,” says Becky Robinson, president of Alley Cat Allies. “While most feral cats are skilled at finding their own food and place to sleep, providing specially-built shelters and dedicated feeding sites guarantee the cats a warm spot to escape the harsh winter weather and deter them from places they aren't wanted.”

You can find the online guide at alleycat.org/winterweather.

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