What readers are saying about Veterinary Economics


Here's a sampling of comments from a recent survey of veterinarians.

We asked veterinarians across the country this question: “What do you consider Veterinary Economics' most unique attribute or feature?” Here's what they had to say:

• Advice is easy to understand and apply to real life.

• Current information presented in a user-friendly format.

• Excellent contributing writers.

• Helps with staffing issues and other nonclinical issues that are the bulk of a successful practice. Gives me motivation to do better.

• I love the covers; right from the start it has my attention.

• We all have at least six years of college education, yet many vets lack the least idea of how to run a business. This magazine reinforces the value of being a vet and a future owner.

• It is uniquely applicable to my role as a boss and practice owner.

• It's the only magazine devoted to the business side of veterinary medicine.

• Love reading about other issues than the medicine. The business aspect is a growing interest as I start looking for my own practice.

• Stays on top of veterinary trends.

• The cover art. You guys have killer covers.

• There is always an article that helps me figure out my future plans.

• There is something in every issue that I can use to improve the way I manage my practice.

• Your ability to combine owner, veterinarian, and manager related issues.

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