What goes into your mouth


This issue is full of ways to make 2012 great for you and your veterinary patients.

So, how are those New Year's resolutions going? If you're anything like me, both you and your clients probably had a few involving weight loss and nutrition. Many of you are on your feet all day, hustling and bustling behind the front desk and through the halls of your practice, and may feel you've got the exercise part of personal health covered. But what about the fuel that keeps that hustling, bustling body going?

Brendan Howard

If you're worried about what you're putting in your mouth, what about your patients? They're dependent on your clients, veterinarians, and, yes, you to help them get the healthy snacks and meals they need to stay in tip-top shape.

This month's cover story ("Health eats: Pet nutrition is a team effort")takes an in-depth look at the role you play in discussions that can turn clients' attention to their pets' nutritional needs. To eat better, pets also need healthy chompers. Clients, however, aren't always open to dental discussions. Learn how to turn that around on "Pain in the heart".

And the topic of eating gets emotional in "A question of questions". A dedicated team member shares her harrowing story of her own pet's hospitalization—all because of something her Airedale terrier secretly ate one day when she wasn't looking.

As you start to mind what you eat, slow down, and enjoy the small breaks you have each day for food and drink, remember that you play an important part in educating your clients about how their mindfulness can benefit their pets, too. Help your clients see that nutrition is just as crucial for the four-legged animals among us.

Brendan Howard, Managing Editor


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