What do you love most about your job in veterinary practice?


Like every profession, veterinary medicine has its ups and downs. Still, you gave us plenty of reasons why you love the work you do-and why you keep on doing it.

>> My staff. No matter how much you enjoy your work, if the people you work with are schmucks, every day is a burden. When you have fun with them and laugh, every day is a great experience. — Practice owner

>> My coworkers. — Practice manager

The joy of diagnosing and treating a challenging case—and getting a successful outcome. — Associate veterinarian

>> New learning experiences—especially from the younger veterinarians—even after 30+ years in practice. — Practice owner

>> The unpredictability of each day. — Practice manager

>> Cats! — Associate veterinarian

>> I’m an ambulatory equine practitioner, so freedom is my favorite thing. Plus, the horses! — Associate veterinarian

>> Seeing a pet’s health turn around after treatment. Even more, seeing a client’s reaction when their beloved pet’s health turns around—and we helped. — Practice manager

>> When people say you made a difference in their lives—even if it was just being sympathetic and kind when they had to euthanize their pet. — Associate veterinarian

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