Educational card game launched at WVC


This Clinic’s on Fire will help teams improve practice management



The Viticus Group announced during its annual WVC Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, that the company launched its first ever educational card game. This Clinic’s on Fire was created, developed, and produced by the Viticus Group Education team and contains original content and illustrations.

“Since 1928, Viticus Group has been an innovative continuing education leader in the veterinary industry,” said Anthony Pease, DVM, MS, DACVR, chief veterinary medical officer, Viticus Group, in an organizational release.1 “We recognized the need to support veterinary practice managers in their ongoing quest to elevate their employees and practices. This Clinic’s on Fire card game provides that outlet and leaves everlasting lessons on improving management skills.”

According to the release,1 The game can be played with 2-6 platers with the objection of the game is to eliminate the other players by ending the card with at least one card. The game is for clinics to use as an educational tool to help improve practice management, provide strategies on human resources, and employee relations and foster engagement between employees. Players of the game will interact with employees such as The Gossip Tornardo, The Attention Seeker, and The Meeting Magnate and work through multiple staff performance issues that were created based on real-life clinic scenarios.2 Players will then take turns applying toxic performance issues to their opponents’ employees while protecting their own coaching, mentorship, and continuing education.

This Clinic’s on Fire was announced during the 96th WVC Conference through education sessions that taught attendees how to play the game and was then distributed to participants. This years conference hosted over 375 animal health experts that taught and presented to over 18,000 attendees.1


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