VHMA survey: The best way to attract new veterinary clients


Members were asked, In the last year or so, what has been the single most successful method youve used to attract new clients?

Since new client numbers have been falling significantly, attracting new pet owners is an important consideration. The 339 practices who responded to a recent survey from the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association say “word-of-mouth/client referrals” is the single most effective method they've used to attract new clients in the last year.

According to Dr. Karen Felsted, MS, MBA, CPA, practices that are most successful with word-of-mouth do something to encourage it, such as a program in which clients are thanked for their referrals with some kind of reward. Several practices mentioned offering a credit to both the referring client and the new client, Dr. Felsted says-up to $40. Ask your clients what they would like best when you're designing your own program.

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