VetMeasure helps early adopters incorporate its wearable technology

dvm360dvm360 September 2021
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MeasureON! canine wearable technology helps veterinary professionals monitor patients' health information while in or out of the clinic.

Photo courtesy of VetMeasure.

Photo courtesy of VetMeasure.

Founded in September of 2015 by Kevin Maher, VetMeasure was created with the idea of developing a technology infrastructure that supports animal health services within veterinary medicine. At the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) 2020, the company released its first version of MeasureON!—a smart harness, canine wearable monitor enabling veterinarians to continuously monitor patients from any location.

According to a company release, since the product's initial launch at the VMX 2020, the VetMeasure team has been demonstrating the benefits of its continuous monitoring solution to those in the fast-paced veterinary industry. What’s more, the team has assisted over 20 early adopter veterinary hospitals in updating their patient monitoring protocol, offering them remote access to patient vitals in real-time.

Additionally, the consistent access to vitals grants veterinary professionals to intervene before serious complications occur rather than waiting until the next check-in period when it may be too late.

The smart wearable technology is wireless, battery-operated, and provides instant and accurate vital readings to analyze during post-operation monitoring. Patients are measured around the chest to determine the size of the harness. Once determined, Bluetooth technology paired with the VetMeasure app records continuous, noninvasive, real-time captures of temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, activity, and ECG. Materials included in this smart harness are as follows:

  • USB charging cord and port
  • Electrode gel
  • Three ECG electrodes
  • One tape measure
  • One syringe
  • MeasureON! user guide

MeasureON! is ultimately designed to aid veterinarians in safeguarding canine lives by significantly reducing complication detection time. VetMeasure continues to help additional veterinary professionals update their monitoring protocols with new harnesses.

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