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Veterinary practice managers earn the profession’s highest credential


The Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) is designated by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

Practice manager

Photo: okrasiuk/Adobe Stock

Thirty veterinary management professionals have recently earned the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) credential from the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).1 The designation was voluntarily earned by professionals who successfully completed the organization’s assessment process.2

The CVPM credential is a recognized sign of professional achievement and excellence and known as the highest level of certification for veterinary practice managers. It is awarded to veterinary practice managers who demonstrate the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully operate veterinary practices. Those earning the credential can use “CVPM” following their name on all forms of address including business cards and letterhead.1,2

The VHMA’s CVPM class of November 2023 includes Amanda Adams, Megan Corinne Brammer, Alex Brannon, Peggy Bryan, Laura Buonpastore, Amy Countryman, Shelby Dunse, Leslie Elizabeth Flood, Teresa Jackson, Candiss Jaques, Michelle N. Johnson, Brianne King, Sherri Krauss, Audrey Xuan Laroche, Talia L Lucernoni, Dana Mazur, Tracy Olds, Stephanie M. Powell, Lynnzie Rasmussen, Kristie Toloudis, Tammy McGahan Tyndall, Guy Robert James Uhler, Wendy Van Horn, Lor A. Voogt, Aimee Walker, Kristen M. Webb, Jillian D. Winland, Michelle D. Wright, Margie M. Zimmer, and Sarah Zurmond.1

Before taking the CVPM exam, applicants are required to meet practice management experience requirements and demonstrate that they have earned sufficient formal education and continuing education credits. Offered electronically to candidates registered in North America, the rigorous CVPM exam tests candidates’ knowledge in areas relevant to practice management. These topics include human resources, law and ethics, marketing, organization of the practice, and finance.1

Veterinary managers with a CVPM designation benefited from an increased compensation over non-CVPM managers, according to 2023 data from VHMA’s The Compensation & Benefits Survey Report, which polled 620 respondents from the organization’s membership. The data show that practice managers with the CVPM designation earned 4.2% more in annual salary, and hospital administrators with a CVPM credential received 17.5% more in annual salary.3


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