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Veterinary Medicine Essentials: Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV)


Each Veterinary Medicine Essentials package covers diagnostic steps, treatment plan guidance and the latest updates, plus resources to share with your entire veterinary team and your clients.

Gastric dilatation-volvulus, or GDV, is scary for dog owners but can be prevented with a gastropexy. Here we've compiled our best resources on knowing which dogs might be at risk, performing various gastropexy techniques, managing patients with this emergency condition and helping clients recognize the signs. Truly life-saving content.


Updates on gastric dilatation-volvulus

Reducing the risk of gastric-dilatation volvulus

Jan 15, 2016

Which dogs are most at-risk and preventive measures you and your veterinary clients can be taking. ...

Here's a twist: The lastest updates on GDV

May 13, 2015

Dr. Jennifer Wardlaw presents findings from the latest research on this life-threatening condition in dogs. ...

Lecture Link: Patients with GDV-Challenging and rewarding cases

Feb 19, 2013

Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro says not to dread seeing these patients, because you can make a difference. ...

Just Ask the Expert: What's the best prophylactic gastropexy technique?

Oct 01, 2012

Dr. Jenifer Newton tells about her go-to technique to prevent GDV in dogs. ...

Treatment and prevention of gastric dilatation-volvulus

Staples of stomach surgery

Practical pointers from a hands-on course on performing common gastrointestinal surgeries. ...

Gastric dilatation-volvulus: Controlling the crisis

How you can help affected pets before things take a turn for the worse. ...

Video: How to perform a belt-loop gastropexy

Prevent GDV in your at-risk patients with this simple technique. ...

Video: Incisional gastropexy

Dr. Don Waldron demonstrates his method of choice for this definitive treatment for dogs with GDV. ...

Have You Heard? A less invasive GDV prevention alternative

Endoscopically assisted gastropexy may show promise in preventing gastric dilatation-volvulus in dogs at high risk for the life-threatening condition. ...

Surgery STAT: Prevent gastric dilatation volvulus with laparoscopic assisted gastropexy

Gastric dilatation-volvulus, or bloat, is a common occurrence in large- and giant-breed dogs. ...

Associated conditions

Arrhythmias related to everyday emergencies

Technicians aren't all destined to be cardiologists. But all technicians should understand what a normal cardiac rhythm looks like and how it's generated. ...

Glucocorticoids and shock, what are we doing now? (Proceedings)

Shock can be classified into general categories: hypovolemic, maldistribution, and cardiogenic. Hypovolemic shock is due to a diminished volume of fluids and can occur in severe dehydration (Parvoviral gastroenteritis, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) or hemorrhage. ...

Treating sepsis (Proceedings)

Sepsis is defined as the systemic inflammatory response to an infection. We commonly see patients that have a clinical presentation that appears similar to sepsis, but no source of infection can be identified. This syndrome has been termed the systemic inflammatory response syndrome or SIRS. ...

Client education

Client videos: Defusing the tummy-twisting worry of GDV

Save a life! Share these videos with your clients with dogs at risk for GDV. ...

Signs your pet needs to see the veterinarian

Present this form to new pet owners to educate them about signs their pet is sick. ...

6 steps to a healthy dog jog

Exercise is easier with a partner. Educate clients who want their dogs as running buddies. ...

Tips to stay on top of pain in pets

Pets are masters of disguise when it comes to pain, so give your clients the tools to recognize and manage their pets' discomfort before it becomes a problem. ...

Client handout: Certificate of bravery

Award surgery patients for their bravery. ...

Arming your team

Don't let emergency veterinary calls turn you upside down

Use these materials to educate team members about how to crack that tough nut-the nonurgent emergency call. Follow the directios to get your practice back on its feet by preparing an educational meeting on this topic. ...

People food toxic to pets: Yeast-bread dough

People food toxic to pets: Yeast-bread dough ...

Fluid therapy: Calculating the rate and choosing the correct solution

This article provides an overview of how fluid is normally distributed in the body, what types of fluids can be given to correct any fluid imbalances, and how to calculate the volume of fluid needed for each dehydrated patient. ...

Critical care anesthesia (Proceedings)

Due to the fact that critical patients are more fragile than stabile patients, they require special nursing care. The same is true of these special patients under anesthesia. ...

Postoperative pain management any practice can afford

Effective pain management in postoperative patients is possible no matter the size or focus of the veterinary practice. Consider the wide range of economical drugs available to help reduce pet suffering and pain. ...

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