Veterinary leaders speak out about what this election means


No matter who wins, the issues facing the veterinary community remain the same.

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-No matter who wins the presidency today, the issues facing the veterinary community remain the same-more money is needed to offset the rising cost of education, the economy needs to heal to ensure owners are willing to pay for needed animal care and organizations need to actively lobby for legislation that would be beneficial to the interests of veterinarians.

DVM Newsmagazine recently asked veterinary leaders from practice, organized veterinary medicine and academia to share their thoughts about this hotly contested election.

Looking at the election purely from a companion-animal practice perspective, we need to make sure the economy does not negatively impact pets getting veterinary care. We will not only have a new President, we'll have a new group of economic advisers and a probably a new Treasury Secretary. Let's hope that they are up to addressing the significant economic challenges we face.

John W. Albers, DVM

Executive Director

American Animal Hospital Association

Private practices are anticipating the conclusion of the election so that it may help to stem the uncertainty of these economic times. Depending on who wins doesn't matter at this point. It's the uncertainty of not knowing who will win and how the markets and consumers respond to that winner. As a result of the election, consumer confidence increases. People may be willing spend more on the care of their pet. Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty in the market place. Our hospitals fall in line with private practices. Even though our hospitals are owned by a corporation, the same market forces that play on private owner-operated hospitals impact us.

Art Antin

Chief Operating Officer and co-founder

VCA Antech

Whoever wins, we will have to deal with what has happened with the economy and weather the recession we are in. It's not just who wins the Presidency, but also the make up of the House and Senate. What types of legislation will be undertaken? What types of things will pass? Whoever wins will need to take responsible steps to pull the country out of this recession. The impact of the recession on universities, how much will be available in loans for students, we're very interested in it and concerned of course. Along with the challenges, people also are seeing opportunities to make education more affordable. This reinforces the need for all of us to be thinking more creatively in terms of the education of our veterinarians.

Marguerite Pappaioanou, DVM

Executive Director

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges

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