Drug testing in veterinary clinics?

January 28, 2019

Human medicine provides a cautionary tale.

At a recent Fetch dvm360 conference, speaker Jon Geller, DVM, DABVP, gave a talk entitled "Drug abuse and addiction in the veterinary workplace: The imperative for testing and support." dvm360's Mindy Valcarcel and Kristi Reimer Fender reported on some harrowing examples Dr. Geller gave from the world of human medicine. Specifically, they noted problems with addiction that led to medical professionals actually stealing patients' intravenous preemptive analgesia and replacing it with saline solution.

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One takeaway from Dr. Geller's presentation: The peace of mind that comes with the creation of a drug testing policy for potential personnel. It's been recorded that those with addiction problems simply won't even apply for positions if they know a drug test is part of the process.

The cost for this peace of mind? Dr. Geller reports that for him in Colorado the cost per job applicant is approximately $40.

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