Vet-spiration issue 7: There's something squirrelly 'round here


In which we overuse the apostrophe in our excitement to countdown our favorite stories this week featuring cat romance, tips to get happy at work and the amazing elephant shrew.

5. The elephant shrew-our Angel of Music

If you've taken a closer look at that snout, you're aware of this amazing creature, who's been dubbed to belt out songs ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody to Phantom of the Opera.

Special thanks to TheSupremelyEvilOne for posting. 



4. There's something squirrelly 'bout this one

With cold weather rolling across the United States, this squirrel is determined to feather his nest as the snow starts. Makes us smile every time!





3. Gettin' happy @ work

In the January Firstline cover story, “Fall in love with your job (again),” we invited readers to share their best tips for staying happy at work. Check out these great answers here and here-then get happier with our iPad issue devoted to your work happiness. Got a great tip? Share your answers here. We'll pay $50 for every tip we publish.



2. Career paths for technicians

We're wild for solutions to help team members find new paths to grow in their jobs and earn more. Enter Tasha McNerney, BS, CVT, and the new series “Coffee on the Couch.” In this first episode Tasha talks with Mary Berg, BS, LATg, RVT, VTS (dentistry), about technician career paths in dentistry.



1. The feline romance of the year

With Valentine's Day in the air, who can resist this purr-fectly sweet love affair between a French cat and his American amore. Je t'aime, Guy LaFurrr! Watch it here.



Special thanks to Cat CATastrophes for posting.


See you next time!

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