Vet-spiration issue 6: The "we're nuts for fall" edition


Cattoossquirrelcanines fighting cancersquirrel!cat traps demystified andsquirrel!!!in this issue of your veterinary inspiration digest.

5. Squirrelly video work

We're nuts about this squirrel who mistook a GoPro video camera for a nut and took it for a ride up a tree … and down again. Watch it here:

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4. Canines kicking back at cancer

The word “cancer” can strike fear into the hearts of pet owners. But these courageous canines are fighting back. Read their stories here


3. Tats of cats

What do you get when cats take over tats? You guessed it, Cattoos! Paws down, our feline friends are gaining popularity making their mark on the world of skin art. Read the story here, then post below to tell us what you think. Would you ever consider a cattoo? (To comment, just register for free on our site here and be sure you are logged in.)

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2. Life serves up a beach for this cat and these pups

Wonder what pets would think if they got a day off just to play together in the sun on the sand? Check out these pets as they frolick beside the seaside (Warning: Extreme close ups of dog noses and a cat who swims and surfs. Yes, really):


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1. The circle of shame

The Bermuda triangle, the mysteries of the pyramids and … cat circle traps? We test the Internet phenomenon sweeping the nation and report back our results. Have you tried it on your kitties? Tell us about it in the comments below.


See you next time!

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