Vet Econ is done ...


... giving you veterinary business and lifestyle advice the same ol' way.

If you think of Veterinary Economics magazine as a college, I see two classes of veterinary practitioners these days ...

Confident, curious graduate students

In the first camp are business-minded, entrepreneurial veterinarians. Many of you saw your moms or dads or other role models run businesses or practices, and you saw how important business savvy was to being a successful doctor.

You curious adventurers are always looking for better, more efficient ways to hire and keep excellent team members. You want to fix your problems man-aging inventory. You're hungry for innovative methods to find and keep clients. You always take the time to learn new ways to educate pet owners to make them better customers for them and better caretakers for their pets. And, when you can finally afford it, you hire yourself a practice manager.

You gals and guys rock. For you, I've got You already go there, right? Right?!

The same team that has put together this magazine for years is there waiting for you with business basics as well as fun and cutting-edge ideas for you entrepreneurs.

Brand-new (or returning) students

Most of you fall into a less experienced, less-business-savvy class. You didn't become doctors to manage a practice, improve team communication or stop inventory shrinkage. You became doctors to heal animals-and that's it.

You veterinarians can be on autopilot sometimes-laser-focusing on the medicine and finding everything else about working in a for-profit business "icky." But what we've learned about you is that you care about the business more than you think.

VetEc + VetMed, shaken not stirred.Our tests show you respond with enthusiasm when we pair medicine with the business advice to help pay for better medicine and get clients to agree to better medicine. (That's right-we've been testing you!) That's why we developed our new publication, Vetted, which is destined to become your new favorite. I promise you've never seen anything like its fun, exciting approach to medicine and business together. Make sure you're subscribed at

All that to say, don't panic. Veterinary Economics is moving online with better business content than ever. And Vetted in print brings smart, fun medicine together with crucial, witty business advice.

Cool, huh?

-Brendan Howard

Editor, Veterinary Economics

Business Channel Director for CVC, and Vetted

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