Vet Confessions: Youre not alone

March 23, 2018

Need a pick-me-up? Your colleagues have a special message of hope for you, drawn from the Vet Confessionals Project at Fetch dvm360 conference. Veterinary professionals share pain and offer support at Fetch dvm360 conferences. Read their confessions, then share your own.

When you're burnt out, tired and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to find light in the darkness. Here's a look at how Fetch dvm360 conference attendees shared their confessions and words of encouragement at recent conferences. Enjoy these thoughtful messages from your peers. Then join us at a Fetch dvm360 conference to connect with other professionals who get you. 

Nurture yourself ... 

I've been doing this for 40 years and I still love it! Don't give up …

To all veterinarians and vet techs that give their all to their patients: Do not neglect yourself! It is easy to lose yourself and keep giving until you have nothing left. Take time off, reflect, recharge, spend time with loved ones. Burnout was the hardest thing to go through for me.

Take time for self-care. Here's a good place to get started. Also check out how Fetch dvm360 conference aims to make your life easier (or at least happier)



Take time out to get inspired

No matter the secret, job title, or issues-remember you make a difference and a damn good one! You're all appreciated!

WOW! Many comments are difficult to read; stress, burnout, difficult clients + staff. What would you tell your best friend to do? We can't help everyone all the time, but we can help ourselves. Take a breath, find joy, be grateful. Don't be afraid of change. Follow your heart.

Need some inspiration? Here's what works for one Fetch dvm360 conference speaker.



Connect with your peers ... 

I read most of the cards on the wall and thought we are all one!

Reading all these ‘secrets' has made me realize I am not alone. And [it's] actually making me feel better. Thank you to everyone willing to share and speak up.

I see myself in all of you.

Connect with your peers. See how your colleagues are reaching out to support to each other.



Worked hard, starved and struggled for 20 years. Now I'm doing great. Still like practice, I'm well off. It was worth it. Thanks vet medicine.

Even on the insane 16-hour days, ERs, surgery, sickies and hard-to-handle staff, I LOVE my job and couldn't dream of doing anything else!

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You. Can. Do. This!

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