Vet confessions: Clients are so weird

July 20, 2018

We know, we know, people are weird. Here are some of the weirder (and sadder) interactions that happen within the four walls of a veterinary practice.

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Worst thing a client said to me: “Are you Catholic? Because you look so comfortable on your knees.” Wink. :| eww ….

Clients who become upset when we are working with an emergency patient situation and complain that their pet hasn't been seen yet. Excuuuuse us that we took care of a bleeding patient over your dog's vaccine visit. What it if was your pet?

A lot of times I just want to choke a client for not listening :(

People suck. That is all.


Clients that say, “Do you watch Dr. Pol? I LOVE him!” deserve to be fired.

I feel like all the bad publicity for the veterinary profession has made it harder for us to help our patients. How can you help an animal when his/her human doesn't trust that you are looking out for the pet's well-being? At the same time, with all the negativity out there-I don't blame them.

We recently had a prospective client call to ask whether my boss (who has been practicing more than 30 years) had experience with “designer breeds.” I secretly wanted to tell her we have plenty of experience with mutts, but she should probably go waste her money somewhere else.

That lady wouldn't believe me even if I told her that her hair was on fire!

I have broken out in hives from dealing with rude clients.

Thank you for all you guys do for our best friends! Sincerely, a fan of veterinarians

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