Vet 2.0: A dvm360 Leadership Challenge


Veterinarians are reinventing themselves to serve pet owners in a new way and carve out careers no one could have anticipated.

On the wild path to serving the pet owner of the future, some veterinarians may need help seeing creative career solutions-and learning to appeal to folks who want veterinary care in a different way. That's where this dvm360 Leadership Challenge comes in. If the traditional path doesn't work for you, create a new one-here are some ideas to jump-start your thinking. You just might discover that the people and animals you want to serve have been waiting for you for a long time.


The service spectrum: Exploring the dazzling array of ways to use a veterinary degree

Think private practice is the only way to use a veterinary degree? Don't be so black and white! Today's veterinarian faces a rainbow of choices when it comes to using a veterinary degree-including new ways of meeting pet owners' needs in private practice.

37 ways to use your DVM training

Hey, it's not an exhaustive list, but it's certainly more than most of us thought about in school when we thought our two choices were (1) start work right away or (2) get an internship.


Traditional veterinary practice not for you? You could just go home ...

This veterinarian has found demand to be high for her mobile house call services.



Career change: Guiding good health for all

A veterinary career in research medicine fosters life-changing innovation.



Career Change: A governing voice for the voiceless

Find out how a veterinary career in the government may be just for you. (And you don't have to run for anything!)



Is the gold standard the old standard?

What happens when the highest level of care just isn't an option for most of the clients you serve? Answers from the dvm360 Spectrum of Care survey point to a new world order: The days of providing nothing less than the gold standard might be numbered.


Separation anxiety: The worry over worry

How to handle varied levels of investment in alleviating this common veterinary behavior problem.



The periodontal conundrum: "Sorry doc, not doing that treatment."

What to recommend when your client does not agree with your periodontal diagnostic and treatment plan.



Critical decisions in cranial cruciate ligament repair

Painful and debilitating for patients, expensive versus less effective repair options for clients, WAY too many recommended surgical approaches for you. Are you limping toward the best plan?


Focus on the future: Comfort for clients

Do you feel it? The age of client service is here-and it's here to stay. Here are the six steps this veterinary practice took that lead to a record-breaking year.


How to transform that “out of use” exam room into a comfort room

The goal: To create a place where families could have the quiet and privacy needed to say goodbye, a place where a patient can relax and be open to the benefits of alternative treatment or a place where a client can wait while the pet undergoes a critical procedure.

Plot your next career move

Don't be a pawn in your professional life. Take action and attack these four fantastic opportunities for team members ready to focus on better client and pet care.


Is it time for the veterinary nurse practitioner?

Could this new role solve a host of problems facing the veterinary profession?



Practice perfect: A matter of size?

Is bigger better, smaller more streamlined, medium most manageable? VHMA set out to determine if the size of a practice can influence the quality of services, contentment of staff and a practice's economic viability.

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