A vampiric influence on pet names?


The name of Twilight's heroine was a popular name for both dogs and cats in 2009.

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Whether due to the influence of the Twilight series or not, the name of the main character, Bella, beat out the long-time most popular Max as the most common name for dogs among the more than 475,000 pets insured by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in 2009. But Max did top the list for favorite cat names, with Bella coming in third. Bella's beaus, Edward and Jacob, are nowhere to be found.

The most popular names of 2009 were:


1. Bella

2. Max

3. Bailey

4. Lucy

5. Molly

6. Buddy

7. Maggie

8. Daisy

9. Chloe

10. Sophie


1. Max

2. Chloe

3. Bella

4. Oliver

5. Tiger

6. Smokey

7. Tigger

8. Lucy

9. Shadow

10. Angel

The same names appeared in 2008's dog list but in a different order. Angel is a newcomer for cats, which bumped Charlie off last year's list.

If your veterinary clients are seeking advice for less common pet names, you might send them to a list of odd names of dogs and cats insured by VPI in 2009 at wackypetnames.com, where you’ll find such gems as Full Metal Frank, Lady Bacon Obama, and Motley Screensaver.

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