Tortoise loses leg but keeps on rolling (literally)


Gamera the tortoise recently lost a leg, but he's mobile again thanks to a small wheel attached to his shell.

You've probably seen some strange veterinary patients in your day. But have you ever seen a patient with a wheel for a leg? According to the Detroit Free Press, a 12-year-old African tortoise named Gamera recently had to have one of his front legs amputated. Don’t worry, he’s on the move once again thanks to a swiveling wheel attached to his shell.

Gamera's owner brought him to Washington State University's veterinary hospital with a life-threatening leg injury and veterinarians amputated his leg at the shoulder. Veterinarians attached the wheel—which came from a hardware store—to his shell with epoxy adhesive, and Gamera was up and rolling immediately. The wheel should last for years before it has to be replaced, veterinarians said. Click here to see a picture of Gamera and his new set of wheels.

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