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The August issue's survey data lets you peek inside more than 400 veterinary practices.

"The August issue" lives in infamy around here because it's a beast to produce. First we try to figure out which topics are most important to the industry and you as a professional. Then we write survey questions, promote the survey to get as many responses as possible, analyze the results, and create a slew of related articles. (Way to go, team!) We always love the end result—and we hope you do too.

The survey data lets you peek inside more than 400 veterinary practices—one for every survey respondent. For an even broader look at the profession, we also pull in a few tidbits from industry companies and present insight and advice from industry leaders.

The idea is that this gives you a way to assess your own practice's place in the veterinary world—and your own individual spot within that. As you look at the numbers, I ask you to accept this challenge: Consider whether the figures represent where you are rather than where you should be. If you're in line with the averages or even the highs, think about whether the minority might be more client-friendly, more patient-centric, or more cutting-edge.

We try to do the same. As such, I'm pleased to announce that we—the dvm360.com team, which includes Firstline—just launched a fun, educational iPad app for you veterinary types. What's that you say? You don't have an iPad because you earn team-member wages? (See your income outlook on "The outcome of your income for veterinary team members".) Well, you're in good company. I don't have one either. But my boss does. And I've played with hers plenty.

If you don't have your own, there might be one in your clinic to borrow—7,000 veterinarians own iPads. Who knows, the doc might think the (free!) dvm360 app is so great that she decides the practice should buy an iPad for every employee just so you can all look at it. But I'd settle for all of you getting Internet access "How veterinary team members can ask for Internet access".

Kerry Hillard Johnson, Editor


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