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Top 10: Your favorite veterinary tips of 2016


Your colleagues this year clicked the most on these easy-breezy tips for improving patient and pet owner care. It doesn't hurt that a lot of them make veterinary team members' jobs easier, right?

10. Quick toothpick tip for dermatology cases

Cytology is important when you have a dog licking its paws, but getting a good sample from the claw bed can be challenging. Dr. Melissa Hall is here with a clever hack on how to easily collect cytology samples using toothpicks. Click this link for a 30-second video to learn all about it.


"Arr, what's in YOUR butt bucket?"9. How to build a "Butt Bucket"

Are you always looking for the items you need to express your patients' anal glands? Click the link or the picture above for details on one veterinary technician team's take on a "Butt Bucket."


"I'm ready for my closeup ... "8. Make me famous!

Want to show your community you care-and obtain new clients? Click the link or the picture above to learn more about how this practice chooses one pet to be featured as Pet of the Week, which they dub #POW in social media.


Yes, that's Dr. Marty Becker. Yes, if you read the article, you'll know what he's doing.7. 4 food-free Fear Free veterinary tips

Maybe they're picky. Maybe they're scared. Maybe they just aren't hungry. There are lots of reasons pets might turn their noses up at treat offerings. But that doesn't mean that needs to be the end of your fight to be Fear-Free. Click the link or the picture above for these four fast fixes to reduce pets' stress.


Click on the picture to figure out exactly how they cut up and set up those pool noodles.6. Everybody in the pool!

Click the link or the picture above to see quick and easy DIY tip to use pool noodles as positioning aides.


Yup. Cards for the front and the back.5. Brighten your veterinary workday with bingo

Ready to put a smile on your team members' faces? Click the picture or this link for the fun bingo cards that Ciera Miller, CVT, Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member, recommends.


Treats are great motivator ... for almost anything.4. Listen up! Low-stress ear cleaning

Veterinary team members were all ears to hear about a five-step, lower-stress approach to cleaning a pet's ears in veterinary practice. Click the picture or the link.


3. Get freakishly cute pics to promote your veterinary hospital

See a cute patient. Squeal with delight. Snap a quick pic with an iPad or smartphone. Repeat. There, you got it. Click the link or the picture for forms and best practices.

And there's no No. 2, because we've got a two-way tie for No. 1 ...


1(tie). Have you tried warm compress trick for difficult IV placements?

Click the link for details to try it yourself.

1(tie). Don't throw your Vetrap roll away!

Click the link or the picture above to find out why everybody was so excited about this one.

Have a killer tip of your own? If we share it, we'll pay $50! Email us at fl@ubm.com.

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