Top 10: Your favorite veterinary client handouts of 2016


These are the dvm360client education tools you couldnt stop downloading this year. Heres your chance to snap up the ones you missed!

Veterinarians and team members spend a huge amount of time teaching pet owners the best ways to take care of their furry family members. So who can blame them for latching on to tools that help them do that more effectively? We try to keep 'em coming-and you keep coming back for more! Here are the handouts you found most clickworthy in 2016.


10. Google this!

Bella's off her food? Dozer has a suspicious lump? You know veterinary clients are going to Google it before they call you. So make sure they're practicing safer web surfing with this handout. Click here for the handout.


9. Why punishment fails, and what works better

Use this handout to show veterinary clients what should (and should not!) be the first dog training method of choice. Click here for the handout.


8. Preventing dog bites-A guide for safer interactions

An important part of preventing dog bites is recognizing the behavior that signals a pet is uncomfortable. Help clients handle new situations with their pet safely with these tips. Click here for the handout.




7. Top tips for teething puppies

You can save your veterinary clients' shoes-and their sanity-with these quick tips to handle their furry little teethers. Click here for the handout.


6. How to create low-stress veterinary visits for cats

Feline veterinary visits can be stressful for all involved-cats, their owners and you. The first step to making these visits more enjoyable is for veterinarians and technicians to create a comfortable atmosphere for cats. The next step is ensuring clients keep their cats calm when they leave the house. Click here for the handout.


5. Top 5 ways to start brushing a dog's teeth (really!)

Print this handout and give it to clients for something wonderful to chew on to teach some good dog toothbrushing techniques. Click here for the handout.


4.Identify ticks with this tool

Ticks are second only to mosquitoes in the number of diseases they transmit, which is why it's so critical to prevent ticks from attaching to-and feeding on-pets and people in the first place. Size up pesky ticks with this tool. Click here for the handout.


3. Safe places to socialize puppies

Socialization is an important part of a young dog's early life. Make sure your veterinary hospital clients choose safe spaces for socialization that won't prematurely expose puppies to other pets or diseases. Click here for the handout.


2.  The greatest handout you have ever seen

Once in a lifetime, a veterinary client handout changes the game forever. This is that handout. On brushing pets' teeth. (OK, we might have oversold this a bit. But only a bit.) Click here for the handout.











And the number one dvm360b handout of the year is …


1. 5 things pet owners need trash right now

Shoddy leashes, old plastic bowls and crazy-dull nail trimmers-do the pet owners you serve know how harmful this junk can be? Use this tool to show them what to keep and what to toss. Click here for the handout.

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