Top 10 articles to help you better your personal finances


In the past year, veterinarians, managers, technicians and other team members clicked on these personal finance articles to help them think about budgeting, expenses and retirement. Could they help you too?

Finances. Always a joy. (

Money is not your favorite subject. (If it is, head right here and go crazy.)

Most of our readers at love veterinary medicine. And then a smaller pool of readers dig practice management. What's the even smaller pool? Those looking for advice about how to make more money and manage the money they have.

This information, while not widely sought on our website all the time, is crucial. The behavior guiding how we spend our earnings, save for a rainy day and invest for retirement is all governed by strong feelings and beliefs about money. Everyone should explore them at some point. So, OK, you're not about the money, but your money will make choices for you if you don't make active choices about your money.

Join me as we count down the top 10 personal finance pieces your colleagues have clicked on in the past year. Do yourself a favor and read one (or three) and see if they inspire you to think about your relationship with the Almighty Dollar.

No. 10: Can a smartphone app help me save and pay off debt?

Maybe, maybe not. Check out the fine print, say these experts.

No. 9: Putting behavioral economics to work for you (and your clients)

The AVMA talks about the special blending of psychology and economics that could yield insights for you in how you and the pet owners who come to your hospital make financial choices.

No. 8: Are your personal finances just ‘OK'?

If so, Isaiah Douglass, CFP, wants you to think at least a little bit about retirement planning, no matter where you are in your career.

Nos. 7 and 6: Budget or Financial analysis: Do something!

Personal finance expert Stephen Brinker, MBA, is married to a veterinarian who came to the table loaded with student debt. Here, he shares the tip of the iceberg in your personal finance growth: knowing what you make, knowing what you're spending, and being intentional about it all. Then he covers the various ways you can pay off and discharge your veterinary school debt. Consider them all.

No. 5: The AVMA wants to help

They're not paying off debt or guaranteeing you a better salary, but the AVMA did offer some resources for folks looking to learn about budgeting, career planning and revving up any hospital for more success-whether you own it or not.

No. 4: Team member in city with a high cost of living

This Boston veterinary technician shares a week of her spending and saving habits. Long story short: It ain't easy.

Nos. 3, 2 and 1: Doctors managing debt

The top three most-read personal finance articles in the past year all deal with student debt. If you've got some (or a whole lot), read one doctor's account of a crazy payoff scheme (done in five years!), another fighting to live with $110,000 worth, and an article with five pieces of advice for anyone needing to make tough choices with debt.

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