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Third time's even more charming for Upstate Veterinary Specialists


A bold design approach makes this satellite clinic stand out in a crowd-and fit in with the main clinic.

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Back in 2003, Drs. Dermot Jevens and Keith Allen won the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Competition. Just three years later, the doctors doubled the size of Upstate Veterinary Specialists to 26,000 square feet—and again caught the eye of the competition judges, winning a Merit Award.

Never content to stay the same, Drs. Jevens and Allen took their idea of a satellite clinic to nearby Asheville, N.C., and got a warm reception from local referring doctors.

“Most clients are happy to come to our main facility for their first appointment to see our wide array of specialists,” Dr. Jevens says. “Then, for the follow-up appointments, they can see the same doctor at the Asheville clinic and save time.”

Drs. Jevens and Allen chose similar design elements for both practices. “We wanted to evoke an image similar to the main facility in the clients’ eyes,” says Dr. Jevens.

The loft space leasehold the doctors found lends itself to a creative design. “Asheville is a hotbed of artistry, and great design is appreciated here,” says Dr. Jevens. “Veterinary medicine should use their facility to showcase their level of care. We’re adventurous in medicine, so why not be adventurous in design, too.”

David Deitrich, David Deitrich Photography

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Drs. Jevens and Allen chose this unique loft space for their satellite clinic. Large windows allow for natural light. Bold colors, strong lines and the use of metal and wood throughout are a signature style of the hospital. Pebble glass offers a bit of privacy to the functions beyond the reception desk. Stairs lead to the long-term waiting area above.

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Exam room

The exam rooms use fold-down stainless steel tables and moveable chairs to make room for larger dogs. The rooms follow the same design idea, with bold colors, fun artwork, and open ceilings to highlight the architecture and create a more spacious feel.

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From the upstairs staff lounge, team members can keep an eye on what’s happening in the treatment area below and be ready to lend a hand when needed.

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Upstate Veterinary Specialists has five indoor hospital runs for canine patients.

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Chemotherapy suite

This chemotherapy suite comes with biological safety cabinets and cages.

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Long-term waiting

The long-term waiting area takes full advantage of the hip loft space above. Comfortable couches and chairs, soft lighting, windows, and a mixture of colors add to the atmosphere.

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Upstate Veterinary Specialists, Asheville Clinic

22 Fall Pippin Lane, #102

Asheville, NC

Owners: Dermot Jevens, DVM,

and Keith Allen, DVM

Associates:11 full-time

Hospital team: 43 full-time

Practice style: Specialty/referral only

Building size: 3,583 square feet

Construction: $425,000 (building only)

Site improvement: $16,000

Professional fees: $57,672

Equipment: $210,000

Furnishings: $16,000

Computers: $25,000

Year built: 2009

Primary architect:

Mark Hafen, AIA

Animal Arts

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