Thinking inside the box on heartworm control


Here's your heartworm prevention cheat sheet.

Our practice offers several heartworm prevention products. To simplify our discussions with clients, I attach a typewritten list of what each product does to the back of the corresponding boxes and include the cost per dose. The list on the back serves as a reminder to the technician, plus holding the box during client discussions lets pet owners see the actual product. The technician makes a strong recommendation about which product she thinks is best and then leaves the room to collect samples. The pet owner can read more about the products while she's gone and think about the recommendations. When I bring the pet back to the room, the client has had time to review the products and come up with any questions. Quite often, clients make purchases on the spot based on the information at hand.

—Jenny Caldarello, veterinary assistant

Braelinn Animal Hospital

Peachtree City, Ga.

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