These March Madness mascots could show up in your clinic


Check out these animal mascots for the Sweet Sixteen teams in the 2013 NCAA tournament

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After a long weekend of the college basketball tournament, brackets have dwindled down to the final four teams. And only one of those teams has an animal as a mascot-the Louisville Cardinals. But the Sweet Sixteen was full of animal mascots. Here are the top 16 teams with people dressed up in animal costumes to rally fans:

The University of Louisville is represented by a cardinal bird, which is the state bird of Kentucky.


Photo courtesy of University of Louisville Athletics.

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The University of Arizona has two mascots that are both wildcats-Wilma and Wilbur.


Photo courtesy ofArizona Athletics.

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Florida Gulf Coast University flies above the competition with Azul the eagle.


Photo courtesy ofFGCU .

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The University of Kansas' mascot is a Jayhawk. Although the jayhawk seems to be a made-up animal by Kansans, Big Jay and Baby Jay cheer on fans during games.


Photo courtesy of Kansas Athletics.

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Marquette University's mascot is the golden eagle.


Photo courtesy ofMarquette Athletics.

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Sebastian the Ibis is the mascot for the University of Miami Hurricanes.


Photo courtesy ofHurricane Sports.

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The University of Oregon and the University of Florida (next slide) didn't submit photos of their mascots by press time. Oregon is represented by the Oregon Duck.

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The University of Florida's mascot is the alligator, much like the stuffed animal pictured above.

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