There's a new veterinary publication coming your way


Combining the cutting-edge medicine of Veterinary Medicine and the tips and advice of Veterinary Economics, Vetted offers practical, get-it-into-action now information, with a small side of sass.

Maybe we're crazy to think that veterinarians have time to read another a magazine. But we don't care, because we've just developed the one you can't live without.

Yup, we said it. And we know it's true, because we're debuting Vetted. Vetted is serious (about helping pets). It's irreverent (we're talking to all of you cry-laughing over fecal samples at the dinner table). And most of all, it's unapologetic about being the geekiest new kid on the block.  

How do we know you'll like it? Well, we have been testing you-and not in a creepy Facebook way. Instead we write different kinds of articles, interact with you differently on social media, and create new kinds of live events. Then we watch every response. And?

> We think the same stuff is funny. If we're laughing at something we're posting, it's pretty likely that you're liking it too.

> There are days when sh*t gets real. We want to help by showing that you're not alone. We can do that best when you talk to us-which gets us to the next point.

> When we put ourselves out there, so do you. When we say “Seriously, put on your big girl panties and get this done” some of you agree and some of you disagree, and overall, far more of you join the conversation.

> You care about the business more than you think. Everybody's gotta eat! When we tie our business advice in with the clinical topic you can't get out of your head, we help you help more clients.

> You care about the medicine as much as you say you do. And so do we.

> “I'm busy” is the understatement of the year. And to get you the critical clinical updates you need, we needed to make this puppy unlike anything else. And so we did.

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