Ten steps will ensure an effective team meeting


Effective team meetings are one of the most powerful practice builders.

Effective team meetings are one of the most powerful practice builders. They will bond and excite your team as they raise your practice's benchmarks, provide total quality management, increase profits and improve compliance.

In my experience, everyone knows when he or she walks out of a meeting if it was a good meeting or a waste of time. We cannot confuse ourselves that a successful meeting only means a desired goal was met. What is important is that all parties were able to communicate, a resolution occurred and a measurable plan of action was outlined.

Meetings are an expense to a well-run practice. Have you ever thought about what the costs of a meeting actually are? An hour-long meeting with 15 team members including two doctors cost the hospital almost $500.

Let's review 10 golden rules to run an effective meeting:

  • Give as much lead-time as possible before scheduling a meeting. Post agendas.

  • Have your meeting room ready in advance.

  • Start and end on time. Always provide time to go around the room for comments.

  • Team members must have pre-meeting data and come prepared. This way action plans can occur.

  • Rotate the meeting leader. You understand and take ownership when you are doing the teaching.

  • Use a standard meeting protocol form.

  • Make it fun. Regard problems as opportunities. Have feedback guidelines.

  • Make the meeting unthreatening. This is the only way open exchanges will occur.

  • There must be consensus, conclusions and a summary.

  • Clear, follow-up action plans must be in writing and team members held accountable.

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