Tell your veterinary clients what you're going to ask them: The ear disease edition!


Client compliance is big when it comes to ear disease. In order to heal those poor crusty-eared pooches, be up-front about the info you'll need from clients. We've organized it for you!

Client compliance is a big part of treating dogs with ear disease. But how can you possibly know if your clients are telling you the truth or giving you the best information about what they're seeing at home? Simple! Tell them what you're going to ask beforehand. (No, we're not kidding.)

Use this super-helpful handout to coach clients about what to look for when it comes to ear disease-you know, the head-shaking, crusty-eared messes. Better still, these tips from CVC speaker and dermatologist Paul Bloom, DVM, DACVD, DACVP give clients a rundown of some of the best history-taking questions you and your team will need answered in order to diagnose the ear condition properly.

You CAN impact the level of client compliance you get on canine ear conditions, but you might have to work at it. That's why we're here. Download the handout now.

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