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Even pets are going electronic these days with an iPod program that will track medical information such as vaccinations, medications and upcoming appointments.

Even pets are going electronic these days with an iPod program that will track medical information such as vaccinations, medications and upcoming appointments. So, why aren't you taking advantage of one of the strongest assets a veterinary practice can possess? Clients expect competency. Demonstrating your usage, understanding and ability to embrace technology for the benefit of their pet is vital. Whether you are concerned about team member productivity, implementing effective marketing programs, or placing your practice in an advantageous position online, it's time for you to click your way to success. Here are 8 compelling reasons why the technology superhighway should be your onramp to practice success!


Convert from paper files to electronic files

The costs of staying with paper files

  • How much of your time is wasted in preparing files, filing, retrieving and looking for medical records?

  • What other wonderful things our receptionists could be doing if they did not have to "play" with our files.

  • Do you get a headache from trying to read your own (or someone else's) hand-writing in a record?

  • What the actual cost of your files (paper and space to store the records)?

  • What does it costs to write the same information over and over (time)?

Automation creates a WIN-WIN!

  • Recruiting and keeping quality team members has become one of the most time consuming and frustrating challenges for practices.

  • There is also frustrating for team members who want to have a balance between challenge and opportunity, and minimal redundant tasks.

  • You as an owner want to maximize productivity. Your team members want to be engaged in activities that directly help pets live longer healthier lives.

  • Reduce redundant tasks.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to use team members where that personal interaction with the client and pet care cannot be realized any other way but with a team member.

  • Ask your team members to identify 10-12 tasks that they do during the day that take up the most amount of time, then consider how you could automate these tasks.

  • The savings on time, resources and quality of life are just some of the benefits you will all experience!


Create an online presence

First, look at your website

  • Do you have a web site?  If you do have a web site, are you proud of it?

  • In today's era, web sites are no longer an option, but a necessity.

  • What does your web site look like?
  • Professional image,

  • Pictures of your doctors and bios,

  • Virtual tour of your practice.

To be competitive in today's environment, it is imperative for a practice to have a shop site on their web site

  • Select you shop site provider carefully.

  • What products will you offer, and at what prices?
  • 3rd party inventory.

Make it convenient for clients

  • After converting to an electronic medical record system, your veterinary software program should allow your clients to request an appointment via e-mail.
  • Available 24-7

  • Receptionist can review requests the following day and respond back to the client with a set appointment time.

  • If you choose, clients can also access information about their pet -reminders that are due, medications the pet is on and even a "family album" of the pet's pictures.


Get some satisfaction

  • Want to know what clients really think? Ask them!

  • Set up a survey online that encourages clients to share their insight about their recent visit to your practice.

  • Why not send a link via email to all new clients to assure they will be back and tell others about their positive experience?

  • Post some of those positive comments online and let the word spread…electronically!

The internet world opens a lot of new doors for you and your clients. You can either embrace it or watch as others embrace it. Along with technology advances come many opportunities to help improve the effectiveness of your practice, its communication with clients and its marketing of products and services.  Your clients are going to the internet for answers as a general rule, be there and be their answer.


Elements your website needs to attract clients

  • Appointment scheduling,

  • Forms that can be downloaded and completed prior to appointments,

  • Seasonal information for pets,

  • Links to additional info and resources

  • Prescription order portal,

  • Upcoming event information,

  • Option to email clinic with questions or requests,

  • Product information

  • Pet pictures

Next generation client demands =  next generation reminders

  • Reminders are the life blood of our practice.

  • Many practices have up to 30% of their clients that have been seen in the past year that do not have future reminders linked to them in the system.

  • Think of all the patients you see in one day or a week that have eye, ear or skin problems…
  • Did we ask them about their vaccination history?

  • Do we have a future reminder in the computer for an exam, fecal, heartworm or any vaccination?

  • Contact to Connect
  • Most people do not clean out their 'snail mailbox' more often than every couple of days.  On the other hand, most people check their email several times a day.

  • Email reminders can reinforce hard copy letter or postcard reminders at a fraction of the cost.
  • Add a link in your email reminder that directs your clients back to your website.

  • Clients will see complete, in-depth information about how important your recommendations are to the health of their pet.

  • This can be automated!




Ideas for using email to build your practice!

  • Birthday Cards

  • Client Satisfaction Surveys

  • Medication Reminders

  • Upcoming Lab Tests

  • Lab Work Findings

  • Seasonal Health Alerts

  • New Pet Information

  • Upcoming Education

  • Target Marketing

  • Appointment Follow-Up

List of automated reminders

  • Vaccines

  • Lab Tests

  • Diets

  • Medications

  • Recommended Testing

  • Flea/Heartworm Refills

  • Chronic Medication Refills

  • New Services

  • Tests needed due to change in age or condition

  • Grooming

  • Boarding


Track your success

  • What would you think of a doctor who made a diagnosis without doing a complete physical exam?

  • Lack of client compliance with recommendations is a common topic of discussion among practice owners. How can you improve this?

  • Many practice owners decide they want to put into place a program and process that will increase client visits, improve client transaction values and assure client service satisfaction. However, they do not know what their current status is in these components of the business.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if you could turn on your computer and at a glance see how your practice is doing from a practice management point of view?
  • Veterinary Software

  • Graph and communicate with team!

Key indicators to track

  • Per Client Transaction (ACT)

  • Per Doctor Transaction (PCT)

  • Number of New Clients (& where they originate)

  • Number of Dentals/Recommendations

  • Number of Senior Profiles/Recommendations

  • Inventory Costs/Gross Revenue

  • Staffing Costs/Gross Revenue

Are you ready to rev up your practice, electrify your clients electronically and leverage your team by reducing redundancy and increasing face to face time with clients? The proficiency of your practice will include embracing digital options throughout the practice. Start with these 8 options and you will see solid and lasting improvements to your practice.

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