Technical innovations benefit zoo animals



The diagnosis and treatment of exotic animals is inherently difficult, from the sheer size of many patients to the vast amount of medical information that is still unknown. Here Dr. Suedmeyer discusses a very beneficial new piece of equipment, a thermography unit.

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Three-part blog about the zoo encounter

Immobilization and exam for Zuri the lion

Video: An ounce of prevention - examining a lion

Photo galleries of Zuri and her caretakers:

   > Meet Zuri, a 5-year-old lioness

   > Zuri's immobilization

   > Procedures performed on Zuri

   > The technicians' day

   > Dr. Meredith Wainstein's first patient as a resident

A typical day for two zoo veterinarians

Video: A typical day at the zoo hospital

Photo gallery: Tour the zoo hospital

Video: Gorillas and goats - all in a day's work

Practicing high-quality medicine

Video: Preventive medicine at the zoo

Video: Technical innovations benefit zoo animals

Challenges at the zoo

Video: The challenges of practicing veterinary medicine in a zoo

Video: The most difficult animal

All animals treated equally

Video: Chicken vs. elephant

Video: Not playing favorites

Video: Special patients

Communication strategies

Video: Easy team communication - take a cue from this zoo tech

Video: Communication and zookeepers as clients

The economy's effects

Video: Effects of the Great Recession on the zoo

Video: Fundraising for the zoo

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