Take Your Dog to Work Day observed June 21


Pet Sitters International offers seven rules for a successful day.

They may not be able to answer e-mails, but Friday, June 21, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Employers are encouraged to open the workplace to employees’ dogs in celebration of canine companionship and to encourage animal adoption. Pet Sitters International started the event in 1999 and continues to support it with a website--even a song--at www.takeyourdog.com.

Of course, many veterinarians and their team members consider every day Take Your Dog to Work Day. And some of the dog owner etiquette you take for granted may be less familiar to your clients. So if you know pet owners who are excited about taking Bruno to the office, remind them of these rules from Pet Sitters International for making Take Your Dog to Work Day a success.

• Do an office check. Talk with management and co-workers about observing the day, and find out if anyone is allergic, afraid of or opposed to having a dog in the workplace.

• Puppy-proof the workplace so any office items that are dangerous or off-limits to dogs are out of reach.

• Bathe and groom a visiting dog, make sure its shots are up-to-date and don’t bring in an aggressive or overly shy dog.

• Prepare a doggie bag with food, treats, bowls, toys, leash, clean-up bags and disinfectant just in case a mess occurs. Also consider bringing a portable kennel. Schedule the dog’s feeding times and outdoor times into the day.

• Avoid forcing a dog on co-workers and monitor the amount of treats a dog consumes.

• If a dog does not enjoy being in the workplace, make plans to take the dog home.

• Never leave a pet alone in a vehicle while at work.

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