Spouse in the dog house; dog in the bed


Study shows dogs pick up slack where mates lack.

Where partners may fail, dogs succeed. At least, that’s what a recent study sponsored by Purina suggests. More than 60 percent of women say they confess their problems to their dogs and one-third say they feel their dog is a better listener than their husband. While some women may find their communication needs better met through a pet, some men may be turning to dogs for affection. Fifteen percent of male respondents said their dog showed them more love than their mate. Perhaps this accounts why 24 percent of men say they use their dog to approach a good-looking stranger in the park. Or why one in five respondents, both male and female, say their dog sleeps in their bed every night.This begs the question, is man's best friend becoming man's better half? Or woman's for that matter? Probably not. But it goes to show what an important role dogs play in the lives of pet owners.

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