Sponsored content on dvm360: What is it?

May 10, 2016

Our advertisers are sometimes tugging on their leash to join in the fun on dvm360.com. And when we have the perfect opportunity to work together, we throw ourselves into the dog park for some collaboration. In those cases, we label the articles we produce Sponsored Contentwhich is what you were just reading.

Basically, we had an idea for a piece of content that we thought you would like and useand that also helps promote a brand, organization or other commercial ventureand then that brand, organization, or venture gave us some financial support to make it.

Of course, the majority of the content on dvm360.com that comes straight from expert contributing authors, editors, and other sources. And it's typically supported by the advertising that runs on the site.  

We hope you find all the information we deliver useful! Thank you for supporting the brands that help support dvm360.com and all you amazing people who work in veterinary practice to help promote and protect pet health.