A sneak peek at the Fetch dvm360 conference keynote address


Veterinarians and business partners Dani McVety and Mary Gardner couldn't be more different. Seriouslyone could be considered a unicorn, the other, a pegasus. And yet they're a perfect example of how wildly different personalities can work side by side in the pursuit of better care for pets.

Drs. Mary Gardner and Dani McVety are crazy. Crazy different, that is. And the Fetch dvm360 conference team knew they were on to something when we tapped them for this year's keynote address at the Kansas City-based conference.

Juggling all kinds of different personalities (um, hello, just think of your client base) can make the practice of veterinary medicine utterly exhausting. And with the amount of entrepreneurial work between these friends and business partners, they'd be the first to admit that.

So, when we asked what they'd like to tell the whole of the Fetch dvm360 conference attendance, Dr. Gardner immediately piped up with the idea that celebrating our collective differences can lead to better partnerships, better communication and ultimately better care for the pets we love.

"For each pillar of Fetch dvm360 conference (Nurture, Inspire, Connect and Equip) Dani and I are different. We don't respond to the same things. And that's okay!" Dr. Gardner says.

It's true that the media (and by extension, we here in the veterinary media space) are abuzz with articles proclaiming the importance of wellness and self-care. Guilty as charged! And yet, we know that our Fetch dvm360 events are the perfect place for veterinary professionals to find that dose of inspiration they need to get through the next hard day.

Funny enough, Drs. Gardner and McVety even differ on their self-care tendencies.                     

Dr. Gardner likes to unwind with a root beer, a Bravo TV show and some Oreos, while Dr. McVety is the exact opposite. Bravo show or not, they both return to practice feeling nurtured.

“No one should feel like they need to do XYZ to fit into what appears to be the best way to do things. I absolutely hate yoga and meditating, but that doesn't mean I'm not centered!” Dr. Gardner says.

And with the workload these two have, self-care and centeredness are super important.

Dr. Dani McVety presented the 2018 keynote at Fetch dvm360 in Virginia Beach alongside Dr. Andy Roark. Image by Gregory Kindred

The pair cofounded Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, a nationwide network of over 100 passionate doctors and full-time interdisciplinary staff dedicated to making the end-of-life experience for pets, and the people who love them, as dignified and peaceful as possible. With a volunteer background in human hospice, Dr. McVety developed this model of care alongside Dr. Gardner, who brought her own knowledge of software management, design and marketing to the table.

In addition to inspiring through their contributions to veterinary medicine, Drs. Gardner and McVety strive to spread a message of hope to overworked, burned out and uninspired veterinary professionals.

“The idea of helping veterinarians feel inspired and not loathing their work, especially for students and recent grads, lights me up,” Dr. McVety says.

Drs. Gardner and McVety will bring their particular brand of crazy energy and message of collaboration to Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City this Saturday morning.

Dr. Betsy Charles will deliver the pre-keynote welcome, "Fetching the most from your conference experience." Image by Gregory Kindred

So, if you can, join Drs. Gardner and McVety in Kansas City to learn why diversity can work in the workplace, why it's cool to be a little odd and why veterinary medicine needs both unicorns and Pegasi.

If you're struggling to keep your head above water, we here at Fetch dvm360 conference and dvm360.com encourage you to take this time to consider how a different approach may be the best way to reach your goals. No matter whether you attend a Fetch dvm360 conference or not, we hope to inspire a lifetime of learning. If there's anything you'd like to get off your chest, email us at fetchdvm360@ubm.com. We're here for you!

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