SLIDESHOW: The dogs of CVC Kansas City 2013


Take a look at some of the furry-friends who made an appearance at this year's conference.

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who is 6 months old. She's a KSDS Assistance dog and will start lifting the spirits of wheelchair bound citizens when she turns 2 years old. (This is what she does when asked to roll over and look cute.)

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2. Cooper



is one of the MoKan Greyhound Adoption team.

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3. Hallmark



is practicing his agility skills here.

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4. Mud


Another one of the MoKan Greyhound Adoption Greyhounds,


(as in Mud in yer eye!) was sporting a snazzy bandana.

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5. Kharma



is a 14-month-old half-Labrador, half-Golden Retriever puppy in training with Canine Companions for Independence. She is being socialized and trained for basic commands by Davin who will return the puppy in November in order for Kharma to begin special training as a service dog.

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6. Lily


Lily Cale

is a 3-year-old service dog. Lily is a long time CVCKC visitor.

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7. Chance



, was relaxing but his bandanna said it all for him.

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8. Exquisite



(Squi for short) who is 9 years old, thought she heard someone rustling that treat bag!

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9. Heidi



has attended many CVCKCs with her owner and still wouldn't miss it for anything.

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10. Ratatouille



shows why we all love the dogs of CVC; their unconditional love and service.

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