Shortcuts for overworked managers

October 5, 2016
Christine Shupe

Christine Shupe is executive director of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association. The association is dedicated to serving professionals in veterinary management through education, certification and networking.

Ask 10 veterinary managers to describe their jobs and responsibilities. You may end up with 50 different descriptions, but its a sure bet that each response will include some reference to being overloaded.

“How did it get so late so soon?”

-Dr. Seuss

So, what to do when you are trying to strike a balance between being up-to-date professionally and also addressing all the demands of your job? VHMA designed its Insider's Insights survey around the topic of shortcuts, and 217 owners, managers and administrators responded.

Maintaining professional fitness

Continuing education and access to information about emerging industry trends and developments keep veterinary professionals in tip top shape. However, many managers are juggling so many responsibilities that extended time away from the office may not be practical. Here's a snapshot of how managers say they're staying up-to-date: 

The time crunch

There comes a time when managers must make a decision when there are too few hours in the day and too many tasks to be completed. What do they do? According to the survey respondents, they delegate! Thirty-seven percent reported they assigned the task to a responsible employee. 

But as much as many managers would like to give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time, it may not be possible. Here's a look at how often managers say they're taking shortcuts. 

APPealling assistants

And in the age of technology and computers, just how many managers have an app for getting things accomplished in a timely manner? In truth, not many! Seventy-seven percent said they use no app. Those who use apps use Basecamp, Microsoft Project, Evernote, Trello and Asana.