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Tune in to VetXChange—our new clinical interchange. We are bringing the latest clinical insights to the forefront of veterinary medicine from our conversations with the veterinary experts you trust the most. Moderated by Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, and chief veterinary officer of dvm360, watch, learn, and earn RACE-approved CE credit hours from our clinical video CE series, available exclusively on dvm360 Flex.

Fetch Conference on demand

A collection of multispecialty simulive conference CE sessions available via subscription.

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Advance your therapeutic specialty knowledge for better patient outcomes. Learning Pathways empowers you to achieve learning milestones toward your specialty CE certification. Subscribe today and earn RACE-approved CE. Check out our veterinary dentistry pathway and more to come.

Inside the Clinic™

Introducing Inside the Clinic, our real-time clinical case webcasts from clinics across the nation. Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, chief veterinary officer, tours veterinary practices across the nation to bring you live video coverage of clinical cases in action from your peers. You’ll discover key takeaways from subject matter experts, sharpen your critical thinking skills, and boost your confidence levels to advance your specialty expertise. Watch Inside the Clinic and earn RACE-approved CE. Available exclusively on dvm360 Flex.

On-demand webinars


Fast Flex: Oral and Injectable Pre-Euthanasia Sedation for Reactive and Calm Patients—for a More Relaxed Experience for Everybody Involved

  • Speaker: Céline Leheurteux, DVM
  • Sponsor: Euthabag and Jorgensen

Fast Flex: Anesthesia Capnography

  • Speaker: Bryce Dooley, DVM, MS, DACVA

Client communications

Tear Down the Walls—Making Access to Your Practice Easier for Your Clients

  • Speaker: Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA
  • Sponsor: AmerisourceBergen MWI Animal Health


Fast Flex: An Innovative Method to Diagnose Common Bacterial Infections

  • Speaker: Jennifer Quammen, DVM, MPH
  • Sponsor: QSM Diagnostics

Your Analysis Requires Urinalysis - What AI Has to Offer

  • Speaker: Dennis J. Chew, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)
  • Sponsor: Zoetis


Feeding the Equine Immune System: The Good and Bad Gut and Immune Health Connection

  • Speaker: Kelly Neale, DVM
  • Sponsor: Standard Process Veterinary Formulas


Obstipation and Constipation. How Can You Help

  • Speaker: Adam Rudinsky, DVM, MS
  • Sponsor: Blue Buffalo

Nutraceuticals in Gastroenterology: How Nutraceuticals Can Help Manage Patients With Intestinal, Hepatic, and Exocrine Pancreatic Conditions

  • Speaker: Jörg M. Steiner, MedVet, DrMedVet, PhD, DACVIM-SAIM, DECVIM-CA, AGAF
  • Sponsor: Nutramax Laboratories Veterinary Sciences.


Practical Ophthalmology— Identifying and Managing Frequent Adnexal Problems

  • Speaker: Rachel Allbaugh, DVM, MS, DACVO
  • Sponsor: CityVet

Clinical Management of Corneal Ulcers—Simple vs Complicated

  • Speaker: Lionel Sebbag, DVM, PhD, DACVO
  • Sponsor: SentrX Animal Care—A Dômes Pharma Company

Practice management

Integral and Integrated: How Today’s Veterinary Software Seamlessly Interfaces to Make Your Business Great

  • Speaker(s): Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM; and Joel Gajewski
  • Sponsor: ezyVet

Mental Health Matters: Positive Practices To Support Yourself and Your Staff

  • Speaker: Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM =
  • Sponsor: Petco and Vetco Total Care

Practice ownership

Fast Flex: Level the Playing Field: Everything You Need to Know Before Entering Into a Practice Sale

  • Speaker: Joy Fuhrman, DVM, MBA, CPA
  • Sponsor: Southern Veterinary Partners

Beginning With the End in Mind — How to Prepare for a Max Value Exit

  • Speaker: Eric Miller
  • Sponsor: Econologics


Fast Flex: An Innovative Approach to Injury Therapy and Recovery

  • Speaker: Tom Walsh, DVM, CCRP, MBA
  • Sponsor: Avant Wellness

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