Shake up at the NYC's Animal Medical Center


New York - Dr. Jeffrey Klausner is out at the famed Animal Medical Center. But no one is really saying why.

New York — Dr. Jeffrey Klausner is out at the famed Animal Medical Center (AMC). But no one is really saying why.

Klausner resigned as president and CEO of AMC after less than two years on the job. He was replaced by Gleniss Schonholz.

When contacted by DVM Newsmagazine, Klausner declined to discuss his departure or his future plans. "I'm still in negotiations with them and it wouldn't be appropriate to talk about what I am working on next," he says.

"We understand that he is pursuing new opportunities," says Wendy Gallart, director of marketing and communications with AMC.

But Klausner reportedly cited personal reasons when he submitted his resignation on Dec. 16.

Klausner spent more than three decades at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, where he had been dean from 1998 until he went to AMC in July 2007.

Shortly after assuming his new post, Klausner named Bonita S. Voiland as AMC's new hospital director and Arnold I. Katz as AMC's chief financial officer.

Voiland remains in her position, but Katz is looking to leave.

"Bonita Voiland and Arnold Katz are both with the AMC, though Mr. Katz announced last November that he plans to pursue new opportunities once a replacement can be found for him," Gallart says.

Prior to joining AMC, Katz was a principal and CFO for a health-care management firm.

The AMC named Schonholz to take over for Klausner until a permanent replacement is found. It is a familiar position for Schonholz, who also served as the interim president and CEO after Dr. Guy Pidgeon resigned and before Klausner was appointed.

"Ms. Gleniss Schonholz was named interim president and CEO in December when Dr. Klausner left," Gallart says. "This is a position she previously held prior to Dr. Klausner's appointment in July 2007. Ms. Schonholz is a dedicated hospital administrator who is helping to ensure that the AMC maintains the continuity of care it is known for during this transition time. She is providing operational oversight as we search for a new CEO. The length of her service is contingent on that search."

Klausner was excited to accept the CEO position when he was elected by unanimous vote by the board of trustees in 2007, saying at the time that "the opportunity to lead New York's Animal Medical Center is too good to pass up. The AMC ranks with the city's great medical and cultural institutions, extending its influence far past its geographic boundaries. The vibrancy of New York City; the sheer number and variety of cases that pass through AMC's doors; and the potential for future greatness as the Animal Medical Center embarks on its next 100 years, all make for a profoundly exciting time ahead."

When asked about its financial status, AMC said: "Like so many non-profit organizations today, the AMC has felt the impact of the economy," Gallart says.

"As a result, we have made adjustments to our operations over the past year. Yet, we are still finding ways to enhance the services that we provide our community, such as installing the region's only high-powered MRI and Linear Accelerator."

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