Rowan University's new veterinary school dean shares goals and hopes for the college


Meet Matthew Edson, DVM, CVPM, MRCVS, the first dean of Rowan University's Shreiber School of Veterinary Medicine

In honor of Rowan University breaking ground on its brand new Shreiber School of Veterinary Medicine, Matthew Edson, DVM, CVPM, MRCVS, dean of the first veterinary school in New Jersey, sat down with dvm360® to discuss his hopes for the veterinary school, plus what the school will offer the community of South Jersey.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Matthew Edson, DVM, CVPM, MRCVS: I think we really want to be known in the long term for preparing diverse, confident entry level veterinarians that have really strong clinical skills training. We want to be able to support the state in the region, and especially support some of the needs we have here on the large animal side that's near and dear to my heart and there are folks that come into programs not knowing how much they love sheep and goats and cows and horses. We want to introduce them to that so we can start to fill the need, and not just have everybody go out in the small animal practice. We want folks to be able to specialize. We want them to be able to go into research, any of those areas of interests, but we really I think at the core, want to be known for having a program that has tuition that's affordable, not just now but in into the future, a program that really strongly supports student wellness.

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