Respecting a client's wishes


I received a copy of this first issue of your magazine. Thank you very much. I read it cover to cover and found lots of useful information in it. I plan to have each staff member read it also.

Still, I did take exception to a couple of the answers in the Ask the Experts section of the July/August issue. For example, the staff member who was furious because a client turned down treatment may not be considering the client's economic situation. Our practice is located in a rural area. Many of our clients are underemployed, their jobs have been downsized, or the company they worked for has gone bankrupt. A large veterinary bill may simply be out of the question. I would suggest that if the receptionist explains the services and clients decline care, she should respect their decision and not take it personally. Not all people will go into debt to care for a critically ill pet.

I train my staff to accept and support the client's decision. Nothing will make clients more uncomfortable than to get negative feedback (through body language, tone of voice, and so on) because they choose not to treat. In fact, it may even send clients to another practice for future pet care.

The other question was from the registered technician who was disgruntled because she had to work as a receptionist. The author states that it's expensive to use a technician as a receptionist. But that's exactly what our practice did. The receptionist job had such a high turnover that we found we were throwing training money down the drain. Instead, we decided to hire another technician. Now all of our technical staff rotate through the front desk. Questions are answered more completely, procedures are explained more fully, and the doctors are interrupted less often for questions. So it can work and be profitable at the same time.

Thanks for letting me put in my two cents worth!

Barbara C. McCullough, CVT

Hospital Manager

Russell Veterinary Hospital P.C.

Russell, Pa.

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