Quick quiz: What IS that?

December 15, 2016
Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director
Portia Stewart, Editor, Team Channel Director

Portia Stewart is a pun-loving editor who spends her days arguing the differences between cats and commas (commas are a pause at the end of a clause, while cats have the claws at the end of the paws). She is a minion to two cats and a dog.

Can your keen eye spot the species and the body part in each of these photos?

Check out the following pics and try to guess what we're featuring in each macro image.

What IS it?

Photos courtesy of Portia Stewart


Answer: A guinea pig's claw! This little guy is ready for his mani/pedi.


What do you see?


Answer: A Maine coon cat's cheek. This kitty is not a-mewsed.


What's in this picture?


Answer: It's not a waterfall … not an alien landscape … it's a Llasa apso's face!


Do you see it?


Answer: Talk to the paw! This dog's paw, that is.


Last one! What is it?


Answer: If you guessed cat's whisker, you won by a … whisker. Satisfied?

How did you do?

5 out of 5: You've got an eagle eye for animal parts!

3-4: You did pretty darned good. Way to go!

1-2: Well, those were pretty tricky. Have your friends take the quiz and see if they get tripped up too.