Put your stamp on your practice through art

August 1, 2016

Paintings and other creative expression can bring pops of color and show off your veterinary hospitals style.

If your reception area or exam rooms could use some freshening up, an easy way to bring color-and personality-into those spaces is with custom artwork. Whether it be ultra-modern, eclectic or classic, paintings are a relatively inexpensive addition. You can even turn art into a community relations event: enlist adults and kids to make it, ask for photos, and more. Click through the pages that follow for more inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Bigger Road Veterinary Center for Pet Health and Enrichment

Bigger Road Veterinary Center for Pet Health and Enrichment in Springboro, Ohio, got kids involved in their artwork, inviting clients' kids to paint pictures of their pets at their annual Pet Fair.


Photo courtesy of CityVet

Brightly colored canvases throughout CityVet in Raleigh, North Carolina, bring a home-like comforting atmosphere to the hospital.


Photo courtesy of Atwater Veterinary Center

Atwater Veterinary Center in Atwater, California, commissioned a local artist to photograph staff members' pets to bring a fun and personalized element to the space.


Photo courtesy of Countryside Veterinary Center

Countryside Veterinary Center in Countryside, Illinois, uses bright colors to contrast the neutral tones in their reception area.


Photo courtesy of Finan Animal Hospital

The owner of Finan Animal Hospital in Darien, Illinois, wanted to reflect her funky personal style, so she commissioned custom paintings that coordinate with the brightly colored walls throughout the hospital. 


Photo courtesy of 1st Pet Veterinary Centers

1st Pet Veterinary Centers in Mesa, Arizona, has themes for each of their exam rooms-desert, canyon, autumn, and more. The artwork in each room matches the theme.