Put it into action


Use these four steps to help inspire your veterinary staff.

Here’s how to move from fear-based motivation to a purposeful and inspirational style of practice management:

1. Know the forces at play. Recognize that there are two primary forces shaping a practice at any given time—the positive, true purpose for you and your practice and the negative, fear-based thinking that often stands in your way.

2. Formulate your vision statement. Talk to your staff and formulate a vision statement for your practice. Remember, a vision statement is a statement of who you and your staff are committed to being, while a mission statement is an articulation of what you will do.

3. Uncover your fears. What beliefs are masquerading as the truth in your practice? Have you been telling yourself something about your practice for so long that you now accept it as the truth? Fear-based beliefs usually elicit a disempowering emotional reaction when they are first uncovered.

4. Commit to the work. Now that you have a vision statement, continue to work on it over the next few months. Don’t just frame it and put it on the wall. For it to really work, you and your staff have to be aware of it at all times and work to make it a part of your daily decisions, choices, and actions.

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Angela Elia, BS, LVT, CVT, VTS (ECC)
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