Principles to empower yourself professionally and personally (Part 1) (Proceedings)


Many of us face challenges such as poor health, financial need, or difficult personal or professional relationships. Or we have a good life, but something is missing. We just don't feel fulfilled.

It was a good life.

just was not my life, the life my soul intended or needed to live.

     from Opening The Invitation, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Many of us face challenges such as poor health, financial need, or difficult personal or professional relationships. Or we have a good life, but something is missing. We just don't feel fulfilled.

Let's use a swimming pool as a metaphor for life. Our purpose is to walk from the one side to the other. We begin with lots of fun – splashing about, cannonballs, floating toys. As we get to the deeper waters, however, life becomes difficult. It's impossible to walk through water above our heads without putting dangerous lead weights on our shoes.

But what if we knew how to swim? The entire dynamic of our life would change.

Living life according to bioenergetic principles will help you learn to swim through life, and understand that no matter what, you can live the life you were meant to live --powerfully and purposefully.


Before we learn how to live according to energetic principles, we must learn about the bioenergetic field. This term is synonymous with energy field, biofield and subtle energies. Our energetic makeup describes the very essence of who we are, how we live, how we are connected to all that is, and quite frankly, dictates all of our experiences. In order to conserve paper, I'm not re-writing the scientific basis for the energy field in these notes. Please read The Science of Energy Medicine so you can have the foundation of energy theory.

The most important concept from The Science of Energy Medicine is that we are made of waves of energy. We are constantly vibrating. Obviously we can't visually see this, but it is a fact that every bit of our essence vibrates. And as we vibrate, we create a vibration around us. We literally send off invisible waves in all directions, and these waves are made of electromagnetic energy, creating a magnetic field. So, when I use the word energy, I mean the magnetic field that is within and around all things. Everything has a unique vibration; therefore, everything has its own energy.

The concepts of energy and biofields aren't just theories, they have been measured in laboratories by Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs). Magnetic fields can also be measure through magnetocardiography and magnetoencephalography (utilized by The National Institute of Neuroscience).

You may be familiar with a different name for our biofield – aura. Yes, scientists have now measured the concept that seemed to originate in fantasy –nonsense told to us by healers, psychics and ghost busters --. It's not fantasy at all, but one of the incredible realities that will change the way we live as much as knowing the world is round instead of flat.

In The Science of Energy Medicine, I described resonance and entrainment. We also use the word resonate to mean that we are in synch with something. That's exactly correct. When you are around someone who vibrates at a similar frequency as you do, you resonate and feel good. When you are around someone with completely a different frequency, you can feel uncomfortable. Ever meet someone and instantly not like him or her, but not know why? Our energy fields know exactly why – we don't resonate. When we're happy, as the Beach Boys said, we're giving off good vibrations. If we are fearful or angry, we produce uncomfortable vibrations. We have all felt "bad vibes" around certain people, or have said the tension was so thick in the room, it could be cut with a knife. That tension was produced by the magnetic fields of everyone in the room. That's why we feel vibrant and full of life around some people, and tense, anxious or tired around others – even if they don't say a word. This gives new meaning to the term body language.

Just as you've heard the word aura, you've probably heard other terms for energy used by various cultures for thousands of years – the Chinese call it chi and in India it is prana. Newer terms spoken by healers and visionaries are grace and vital force. No matter what you call it, it's energy. Energy flows between people and people, people and animals, people and the planet, animals and the planet – it flows through and around everything.

If all of life is energy, then why not embrace this concept, and live your life according to the principles of wave theory? The waves making up our specific being go forward, resonate with similar waves, and through the process of entrainment, draw those waves toward us. I believe this is the scientific basis for the law of attraction. Sounds weird? The creation of our own lives is based in quantum physics and the physics of consciousness. It's not new age woo-woo -- it's science. Quantum theory tells us that all possibilities exist at once – it's what we focus on that comes into our existence. We are continually creating our reality, but most of us aren't aware of this. Consequently, we are not in control of what we focus on – we believe we are reacting to life, not creating it.

True empowerment is learning to choose the reality we want to live. Part II of this lecture series will explain how.

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